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BIM Project Management

RevitGods can help you manage the process, workflow, and deliverables for each BIM project from start to finish. We help to communicate goals and expectations to the project team and consultants, manage consultant deliverables, and handle the coordination of different building elements and clashes throughout each BIM project.

Get in contact with us to learn more about how RevitGods can help you steer your next BIM project to success.

Project Help

When you’re on a tight deadline, RevitGods can provide up to 6 months of temporary project help on any Revit job. Our team members can either work remotely via BIM 360 Design or sit at a seat within your office depending on your project’s needs.

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Project Troubleshooting

RevitGods can support your team on an ongoing basis by handling BIM project issues as they arise. Our support team can collaborate and fix issues via web conferences and screen sharing or plug right into your company’s Slack channel.

For most issues, we’ll spend time diagnosing the issue and send you a quote afterwards for the cost to fix it. We absolutely love a challenge and can bill you in 15 minute increments for smaller, less complex issues.

Revit Templates

A good Revit template is integral to harnessing the full potential of the program. RevitGods can help you develop a template that’s coherent with your companies’ standards and style of working, or help you finish a template that you may have already started.

If you’re a construction firm, cost estimator, or a real estate developer, we can build you a template catered towards helping you navigate and extract data from models that you’ve received from the design team.

Once we’ve developed template for your company, we’ll host a web training with your company to show your staff how to use the template and standards we’ve helped you to develop.

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Revit Models

RevitGods can convert your physical drawings, CAD drawings, or 3D point cloud into a 3D Revit model. We can model as much information as provided in the initial base documents, including layered wall, floor, and roof assemblies and other ornate building details. We can also include multiple building disciplines such as architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and/or site work into your final model.

Revit Details

RevitGods can help you develop custom Revit details for any project. If your firm already has a library of CAD details, we can help you convert these details from CAD to Revit. As a part of this process we’ll also develop a library of detail components featuring the most repeated detail items to help your team produce future details faster and more efficiently.


Revit Families

RevitGods builds families that are lightweight, user-friendly, and parametric in all the ways you want them to be. Whether you’re a manufacturer, or a firm who’s looking to build up their library, we can help you create a pack of families that meet your companies’ standards and overall aesthetic.